Why is golf so popular?

Why is golf so popular?

One of the main reasons why golf is so popular is that it can played by so many people. Golf can be played at any time of year, at any age, at any skill level, and at any fitness level.

But people play golf for many different reasons. Most people tend to play golf simply because they enjoy it. Love it in fact!

Why is golf so popular?
For many people, golf is their life!

The only issues that prevent people from getting into golf are the expense and it’s old fashioned image. However, golf equipment is becoming increasingly more affordable and golf itself is becomming more relaxed and welcoming.

Who made golf popular?

It’s hard to talk about golf’s popularity without mentioning Tiger Woods. Just as Jack Nicklaus inspired so many people in his prime, so has Tiger Woods.

Who made golf popular?
Tiger has certainly helped make golf popular in the 21st Century

He inspired so many young people to start playing the game. He was certainly my favourite player when I was first learning to play. It’s safe to say that he made golf popular to a whole generation of youngsters.

His determination, charisma, and athletic ability transcends golf and helps to introduce new people to the sport. Golf certainly owes a lot to Tiger Woods. Even discounting everything else he’s done, we have to thank him for his chip in during the final round of the 2005 masters.

Tiger’s chip in on the 16th hole during the final round of the 2005 Masters (which he would go on to win)

It has to be one of the greatest moments in all of televised sport. With so many moments like this over the years, it’s no wonder that Tiger made golf so popular. Simply incredible! Thanks Tiger!

Why do rich people play golf?

Rich people play golf for the same reasons that other people play golf. The only difference is that rich people tend to play on more expensive golf courses.

A good comparison is eating out at a restauruant. It is not only rich people that eat out at restaurants these days. The only difference is that rich people tend to eat out at more expensive places. The same is true for golf.

Why do rich people play golf?

The myth that only rich people play golf is something that golf is struggling with somewhat these days. The game has changed so much in recent times and has become much more accessible to the average person.

The price of golf equipment has reduced dramatically. There are so many different manufacturers of golf equipment which has helped to reduce the cost. And thanks to online auction sites and social media, second hand golf equipment is widely available at very reasonable prices.

Also, the price of playing a game of golf has fallen massively in recent times. You can now play a game of golf for less than the cost of a reasonably priced meal.

Additionally, the price of golf club membership has fallen. Many people spend a lot more money on season tickets to their favourite sports team. And a golf membership tends to offer better value, allowing you to play every day of the week if you wanted!

What’s so great about golf?

There isn’t one single reason why golf is a great game, there are many reasons why golf is loved by so many people.

From playing your entire life, to playing with friends and making new friends, to the health and fitness benefits asociated with golf, there are so many reasons why golf is a great game.

Here’s 6 reasons why golf is such a game and why it’s so popular:

1. Golf is a fair game

The handicap system in golf means that golfers of different abilities can still enjoy a close, competitive game. This is a great feature of golf that has been adopted by many other sports, such as tennis.

Basically, each players scores are averaged over a long period of time. They then receive a handicap based on their level of play. A weaker player is given a higher handicap which helps them more and a stronger player is given a lower handicap to even it out.

Golf with Tiger Woods
Thanks to the handicap system, you could play against Tiger Woods and win!

This great system enables less skilled players and beginners to compete fairly against more skilled players. It also enables men, women, and children all to play against each other.

Golf is a fair game
A highly skilled female golfer teeing off on the 18th hole

Women and children also get to play from a more forward position on each hole. This is to make the game as fair as possible, evening out the difference in power.

2. Golf is a friendly sport

Whilst you can play against others at golf, it is fundamentally a game where you play against yourself. It is not a sport like most others where your oponents shot directly affects yours.

In tennis, for example, if your opponent hits a good shot then you have to hit a good one back. But this is not the case in golf. You play your own ball. You can’t affect your opponents shot and they can’t affect yours, not directly.

Golf is a friendly sport
Golf is not as gladitorial as other sports like tennis

This is great because it makes for more friendly competition, since you aren’t competing directly against each other. You can comfortably play with other people without worrying about falling out or getting too heated!

3. Golf is a game of respect

Golf is a game that is full of tradition and manners. This tends to put many younger people off becasue they think it is old fashioned. But many of these unwritten rules are there to improve the game for everyone.

These manners are known as etiquette. Golf etiquette is basically a set of unwritten rules that you should follow whilst playing. They exist to make the game as friendly, fair, and enjoyable as possible for everyone playing.

For example, you should be quiet when someone is playing their shot. This is because everyone should be given the same chance to hit their shot, without any distractions.

Golf is a game of respect
Respecting your opponent is an unwritten rule in golf

You are also encouraged to congratulate your opponent on their good shots. Even though you may want to beat them, the most important thing is that you both enjoy the game. And good shots in golf don’t happen all the time so we should enjoy them and compliment each other.

This is one of the many reasons why golf is great for children. It teaches them manners and respect. They learn about controlling their emotions and it teaches them about empathy.

Kid playing golf
Golf is a great game for kids to learn

At the end of the game everyone shakes hands and thanks each other for their company.

It is also customary to meet in the clubhouse afterwards for a quick coffee or something a little stronger! You can chat about the great game you’ve just had or put the world to rights!

4. You play your own game

One of the reasons why golf is so popular is that there is no pressure on you to play a certain way. You can take the game as seriously or casually as you like.

Many people play golf to relax and forget about everything else. Some people play golf to become as good as they possibly can at the game.

Golfer in water
You can play from the water if you want! Although it’s probably not a good idea!

If you want to join a team you can. If you just want to have fun, there are plenty of other like minded people. Or you can play on your own if you prefer!

What’s more, there’s no right or wrong way to play golf. Everyone does it their own way and that’s fine, that’s partly why the game is so great. As long as you follow the rules and respect your playing partners, you can play however you want.

5. Play golf your entire life

One the main reasons why golf is so popular is that you can play your entire life. You could start playing in your youth and continue playing well into your older life.

This means that most people who enjoy golf will continue to play for many years, if not decades. It’s no wonder why there are so many members at golf clubs!

Play golf your entire life
There are some excellent senior golfers out there!

You can also play with such a variety of people. It’s one of the few sports where a 70 year old can play with an 18 year old. What’s more, they can both compete against each other!

6. Golf is addictive

Many people do not realise that golf is addictive but most golfers know this is true. Once you have been bitten by the golf bug it’s hard to get away!

I think there are two main reasons for this.

Golf is addictive
Driving ranges are popular for a reason

This is why driving ranges are so popular. Golfers are addicted to hitting good shots and making good scores, and many golfers are trying to improve. This is not just true of beginners, many seasoned golfers are constantly working on their game.

Is golf social?

Golf is generally a social game. Most people play golf with their friends or make friends whilst playing. This is one the things that makes golf so popular.

A lot of time on the golf course is spent walking between shots. This is where playing partners will usually chat to each other whilst enjoying the fresh air.

Husbands and wives play golf together, as do parents and children, and friends. Also, many people start playing golf to make friends. Joining a friendly golf club is one of the best ways to make friends.

If you become a member of a golf club, you may find yourself playing with people you’ve never met before. For some people this can seem daunting at first. But after a while it becomes second nature and it’s great because you get to meet people you otherwise wouldn’t. This is one of the great things about the social side of golf.

Is golf social
Golfers play with friends and make new friends

Not only is the social element there on the course, but also around the club itself and in the clubhouse. If you walk into a golf clubhouse you will generally find many people chatting and having fun.

There are many teams and groups that you can join. There are teams for seniors, women, children, good players, and not so good players. People of all ages from all walks of life gather to enjoy the great game together.

Why golf is a good hobby

There are so many reasons why golf is a good hobby. It is a popular choice of hobby for so many people because:

You could ask ten different golfers why golf is a great hobby and they would probably all give you a different reason. In my opinion, it is all these reasons put together that make golf such a great game.

For me, at 30 years old, I love the fact that I can continue to play golf for decades to come. Hopefully I won’t have to stop due to injury or age since golf is so easy on the body.

And being able to play with my 55 year old Dad and my 92 year old Grandad is priceless!

The winning team in Spain – Me, my Dad, and my Grandad

Now let’s go for a round!

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